Hanergy Global Surve provides in depth investigation to determine the onboard quantity of fuel on vessels

Hanergy Global Survey & Inspection Team-provides in depth investigation to determine the onboard quantity of fuel on vessels in Ghana, West Africa and Southern African countries.

In case of questionable consumption, figures or excessive difference reported after the bunker operation. We offer a dedicated survey to verify onboard the vessel the Onboard Quantity of fuel, lubes and sludge’s. During this survey, special attention is given to adjustments in vessel piping, verify sounding tables. All vessel’s data is centrally stored in our global master data on vessels, which can be accessed at any location in the world. All findings are reported in a comprehensive report.

Hanergy Global Survey & Inspection Team utilizes its own network of qualified inspectors to support our clients in their Bunker Surveys requirements (BQS, On/Off-hire, Condition, Sampling). All the surveys are carried out under a certified quality system (Global Operating Procedures (GOP) fully integrated ISO13739 /SS600/TR48). Our expertise and integrity determine whether the correct quantity of fuel has been delivered and will ensure that samples are properly obtained during the process.

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All reports are stored in a global database, which provides transparency covering all aspects of the bunkering. The data is easy accessible through the customer portal. Oil and Gas industry is one of the most demanding industries of the world.

Our Company continues to invest a lot in continuous training of its employees maintaining the highest standards of the industry in both scientific knowledge, expertise and ethical behavior. Our well-experienced team is willing to assist in any occasion of need. Our clients enjoy a unique service in various fields starting from the normal update of the progress of the job and expanding to analytical calculations and presentations of various data. Our experienced team will give the desired solution to any operation you may need such as Loading, Discharging, STS operation, Cargo treatment etc.

We always act with safety and strict to principal’s instructions will minimize any potential risk and delay. Our company use well-known additives for cargo treatment and our entire operation can be supported from laboratory for any desired analysis. Special care is exercised for cleanliness of tanks. We are also in position to undertake supervision of tank washing according to major oil company’s requirements.

For enquiries and assistance, please send email to vesselinspections@hanergyglobal.com .Otherwise you can complete the forms below,