Experience at Hanergy Global is Unmatched

Our corporate values apply equally to our staff and clients, and a key factor in our ongoing successes (Projects, Delivery & Acceptance), the unmatched experience at Hanergy Global worldwide.

Realizing Possibilities

We work on breakthrough projects and create safe and sustainable solutions to the seemingly impossible. We bring new levels of efficiency and optimization to vast and complex endeavors in the harshest and most unforgiving environments. In close partnership with global energy companies, we pride ourselves on transforming their project economics and helping to deliver global energy, oil and gas related projects.

We deliver critical projects of a scale, scope and difficulty that you simply won’t find anywhere else. And the nature of our business means that no two projects, challenges or days are ever the same. Most of our work is utterly unique, requiring us to drive groundbreaking solutions from concept to reality. Each and every one of our people has a part to play in making these breakthrough projects happen.

Achieving Success Together

You’ll experience a deep sense of team at Hanergy Global Offices worldwide – Opportunities to share knowledge contribute ideas and talk openly with our team leaders, create friendly, co-operative and effective office environments to work from. We believe our vision is possible when we’re achieving, and celebrating, together. At Hanergy Global, we do our best to ensure our organization is endowed with an incredible diversity of backgrounds, skills, cultures and ideas in the industry.

Building Trust

At Hanergy Global, we trust every team member to do what they know best to their capacity and abilities. We are strategic partners to our clients, which has been developed through working hard to build long, valued partnerships with them. They trust us with what matters most, as we never compromise on our foundational core values.

Career and Development

You’ll be working alongside some of the best minds in the industry. If you share their passion, energy, ingenuity and commitment, you can also share the limitless opportunities for personal and professional development they enjoy.

From graduates to the most experienced, we offer projects that will challenge and stretch you. Opportunities and achievements that will accelerate your development and provide opportunity for global travel that will entertain your sense of adventure.

Flexibility and Wellbeing

At Hanergy Global, it’s important to us that you are supported to manage your work-life blend and personal wellbeing.