Fraudulent Recruitment Warning

We are aware that fraudulent job offers have been made by persons or organizations claiming to represent or be affiliated with Hanergy Global. They may try to obtain money by asking for fees, claiming these are for things like visas, legal costs etc.

We will NEVER ask anyone who applies to work at Hanergy Global to pay fees.

What to look for:

  • Being offered a job you did not apply for
  • Employment offers without interview
  • Requesting personal information such as passport and bank account details, often at an early stage
  • Asking for money as part of the recruitment process
  • Using an email address that does not belong Hanergy Global such as a webmail email address
  • Poor spelling and grammar
  • Pressuring you by making the recruitment seem urgent.

What you should do

If someone asks you for money to progress your application or if you receive an unsolicited employment offer or you are unsure about the validity of any communication please contact us immediately. Please do not contact them yourself.

Email :